Figge Art Museum – Davenport Iowa

Figge Art Museum is a true embodiment of what I believe a modern art museum should look like. Not modern in the sense that it only employees artist of modern works but modern in the sense that it’s not only a museum but a living breathing part of the Davenport and Quad-City community. The Figge Art Museum is a centerpiece in Downtown Davenport located near the riverfront. It has easy parking in easy to use access for meeting rooms that companies in the Quad Cities enjoy for conferences year-round. Elegant settings and artwork add to the surroundings and Ambiance. Creating a professional look and elegant look that also wedding parties enjoy. One of the most creative ways that big art museum in Downtown Davenport has reached out is by having sponsored events by corporations. What I mean by this is recently fig art museum has engaged several local businesses to have parties like wine and art night. Now these type of events or community events that often engage in any ladies that will come and put their hand at creating a piece of art. When you add wine to this I’m sure you can only imagine some of the Picasso STI part that turns out. The point is fig art museum is not in the Realms of quote-unquote a dead Museum. It’s very living breathing Soul has everything to do with engaging people on a local level. One of my friends that works for a local heating and air conditioning company Jason recently sponsored one of these events and had a huge turnout. Really for him engaging the right segments of our local Davenport community helps and push his agenda forward and Market his company effectively throughout the community in the Quad Cities. Other companies have had great success in working with the local Big Art Museum in employing this exact same strategy. If you get the opportunity to visit fig Art Museum the best times are always the weekends. Make sure you check it out online and visit them to find out what their schedule of events are because they’re constantly updating them all of the time.

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