Credit Island Davenport Iowa

The Mississippi has a long history and part of its history right here in Davenport Island unites on an island named Credit Island. This particular island has been known This particular island has been known as and locals can remember. Stretching back before 1800 Credit Island was known as a local Trading Post where Pioneers, first Raiders and everyone from the south north and everywhere came to trade. This was essentially a neutral trading ground where Indians could come and trade Furs for whatever Goods they needed. This particular reservation of Island and now is a 420 acre Park that unites people still today through soccer fields, baseball diamonds and picnic areas. This 420 acre Park no doubt has a long history of people crossing passing and trading. It is always been a very interesting thought of mine to think about Excavating and finding what you might with a metal detector along Credit Island. What might you find if you took the time and went back over this island with a fine-tooth comb? This particular area can be enjoyed on many levels till today as I mentioned it being a fully functional Park. It’s always an interesting thought to think who might have passed through here and what goods and trades have been done here in the past. Davenport has still been a very economically Sound City do much to the impact of the Mississippi. The Mississippi that flows around Credit Island has been a major highway of trade period along that Highway Credit Island has had its story as well. Resupplying borders as they head south to the lower half of the Mississippi. Credit Island Brew overtime and then developed into the outlying Davenport area which now and goes over a 400000 population and metropolitan area. These early components in vestiges of credit and commerce built the backbone of Davenport and the Quad Cities. We have much to reflect on and enjoy because of our history and past and must constantly remind ourselves of our humble beginnings and where we can invest in our future Commerce. The development of the river around the Mississippi upper and lower is essential to the strength welfare and commerce of our future and our children’s future. Enjoy Credit Island with your family at any time and also enjoy its many layers of History besides just the picnic area enjoy all the other flavors that you can save her by reliving its past through your mind and the study of our local history.

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