The River’s Edge Davenport Iowa

When you’re looking for something fun to do in Davenport Iowa on a budget The River’s Edge is always the first thing that comes to mind on those hot summer days or even those super cold winter months that we always get here in the Midwest. The River’s Edge is one of the most enjoyable than use year round for kicking a soccer ball on the indoor soccer field or going ice skating in the ice skating rink. The great part about the ice skating rink is all of the events that brings together. The multi-use ice skating arena allows for not only hockey but figure skating as well as a multitude of four shows that bring major attractions to town. Personally there have been many days that my family and I have enjoyed ice skating indoors during the winter time and definitely appreciated being outside of the wind and in an environment that was much warmer than the blistering cold winter months that we typically get right here in the Quad Cities and the Davenport area. This multi-purpose venue has become known regionally as a hub of athleticism and state-of-the-art Technology in training event cooperative venues. I have traveled around the United States and rarely have I found a venue that uses every square foot of space smartly and efficiently. This surely is the exception to the rule when it comes to learning how a city can be efficient and profitable while creating a style of life for its local residents and Regional residents to participate in actively. This Hub of athleticism no doubt has brought many people together for awesome events that people have enjoyed from around the world. Icecapade events have become something of a legendary events. Ice skating itself has been something my daughter has enjoyed time and again. The Cinderella ice capade has been something that has been a daddy-daughter Extravaganza for the last 10 years. This multi-purpose event is one that we should all wrap our arms around and support for years to come. If you’re in the Davenport or Quad Cities area and looking for something fun to do don’t keep yourself up in a room or with just family get out and have fun at The River’s Edge.

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