Rock Island Arsenal

Rock Island Arsenal is a very important landmark around the Quad Cities here in Iowa. Originally Rock Island and the Arsenal that has become famous had much humbler Beginnings in that history is told very well at the museum that is located at the active military installation that is still producing components 4 War The Humbling beginnings the Arsenal literally started with Timber being cut and a localized Fort being built in the mid-eighteen hundreds. Prior to that it was a skeleton Outpost until 1832. The Arsenal being located on an island created a natural security and buffering Zone from still the Wild and Untamed Western Front attacks of the Native Americans. At this time several peace treaties were in place however, Blackhawk one of the leading councilman and Warchief tribes of the area was not subjected to any of the quote on quote white man’s treaty and occasionally attacks did occur. The Outpost created a natural protection and fortification that later became a natural place for Munitions production as time progressed. This active still today Outpost produces many musicians that are actively used in and around several conflicts around the world. Several armored divisions have been actively creating armor and protecting our soldiers on our foreign soil. This very unique Outpost is an interesting Last Vestige of how history and modern culture has United creating not only a unique Market but a very productive City in the production processing and protection of our military uniformed personnel. It is an interesting place to be and visit as a regular local or as a visiting person from abroad. You will no doubt enjoy your time walking in the museum and learning about the many implements that have been created right here in Rock Island and how the surrounding people have helped shape the political world by their hard work.

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